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As a consequence, is not surprising that you find lots of gluten free options in Italy. The knowledge and care goes much deeper than that. Children are routinely screened for celiac disease in Italy once they begin to show any symptoms that may be correlatable, something doctors missed for me when I was a child. I spent many years sick to my stomach with no suggestions to screen for celiac. As with some other countries, in Italy celiacs also receive a government subsidy to compensate them for the higher cost of gluten-free foods.

Furthermore, Maria Ann Roglier, the author of The Gluten-Free Guide to Italy , notes that Italian law requires that gluten-free food be available in schools, hospitals, and public places.

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And that you can study for a masters in celiac disease, from diagnosis to management thereof. They embraced that this was an issue and moved around it to accommodate their meals, and did so with gusto. In addition, there is the fact that food is central to Italian life and community. Per a New York Times piece on celiacs in Italy :. In Italy, not being able to stomach wheat is more than an inconvenience or fad diet.

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That resonance has translated to an institutional empathy that might shock Americans. Unlike in North America, where these new flours are trendy but not firmly braided into our history, Italians have been using ground corn, chestnuts and chickpeas as substitutes for hundreds of years.

As with the other gluten free cards in this series , this was written in detail in English, then translated into Italian by native speakers. It includes not only wheat, barley, and rye, but also the other grains with gluten kamut or farro used in Italian food. Note: The card is available for purchase via trustworthy 3rd party site that uses https, so you know your information is safe. I am not gathering emails or information for anyone who buys the card.


I may be more sensitive than some celiacs, but even a small amount of contaminated oil for frying, or soy sauce in the food, is enough to make me ill for days. Let alone the joint pain later that week! Even when not on the menu, most restaurants will have a simple dish of steamed vegetables served with lemon. In the event you cannot find a side dish that works for your stomach, the chef will almost always oblige.

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Catherine Edwards. Moving to a new country makes for a lot of new experiences and embarrassing moments, from language mix-ups to dating faux pas to rules about which pasta shape goes with which sauce.

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Here are ten Italian habits that can create awkwardness for the uninitiated foreigner. Photo: Pexels Particularly for Americans, the lack of a tipping culture can be confusing.

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